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North East Vastu Dosh Do’s & Don’ts

North East Vastu Dosh Do’s & Don’ts

Defects of North east corner

It will be true if I say that 80% of the problems associated with vaastu lives in corners. North east corner is the sensitive corner of the plot.  It is like a forehead of a human being.  The whole body system is controlled by the area, if this is not working properly the other parts of the body will not function properly. North east corner provides infra rays.

Do not’s for North East.

  • No toilets as the area is related to fore head of vastu purush this, this leads to poverty, --------, childlessness in the family.
  • If there is not corner for North East, means North & East directions are in parrllel, the occupant of the plot cannot be happy.  There will be ------ in the family.         
  • North east should not be closed or blocked by construction.
  • If the North east corner is plain and there are hole pits in South west corner this will lead to problems.
  • There should not be big pillers or construction in comparison to South West or the center area.  If the East is occupied or catched by pillers the men of effected and if the North is blocked the women are effected.
  • If the doors in North are more heights in comparison to South and East in comparison to West this will also lead to problems.
  • In case of construction North East areas should be on the lower side in comparison to other directions & corners.
  • If North East corners are not available it will strictly lead to borreness problems in the family.
  • Leaving the North east corner if there is a well or water tank in any other areas of the house this will lead to problems.
  • North east problems may --- to handicap children.
  • If there is no slope towards North east it will lead to, money less and child less family.
  • Never keep garbage in North East.
  • Never keep un required material in North East.
  • Never keep heavy material in North east.
  • Never constructed a kitchen in North east corner as it will lead to problems, clashes and early death in family.
  • Remember if North east corner has problems your --- the problems associated with the Southwest corners also.There should not be any cut in North east.
  • One should never make over head water tank in North east corner.
  • No garage in North east corner.
  • Never have a store room in North east corner.
  • Never have a stair case in North east.
  • No transformer or Generator placed in north east.
  • Never over load this corner.
  • No television & refrigerators.
  • Do not have a well with a wall in North east.
  • No elevated platforms in North east.
  • No Mandir on elevated platform.
  • North east corner should not be rounded.
  • Never make a bore in centre of North east corner as energy line is disturbed.

Do’s about North east

  • Keep North east clean.
  • Make a pooja room.
  • Study room.
  • Children room.
  • Keep under ground water tank in North east corner.
  • Main entries make from North, East and North east are very good.
  • Slope in the North east corner is very good.
  • Natural pits in the North east is very auspesious.
  • More open space should be left in North, East and North east.
  • Less ---- walls should be --- in comparison to South west directions.
  • Extensions are good in North east only.
  • While working face North, East and North east.
  • Never sleep towards North & North East as it will disturb your sleep.
  • Energy flow starts from North east.