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Have you ever noticed simple gestures around you which indicate and warn about certain unforeseen circumstances which might befall on you in the near future? Indications related to the inanimate, the environment around and also sudden natural changes in atmosphere. Do you feel and understand these symptoms, or you simply neglect and walk over them?

It is believed that animals, birds and creatures relating to the cosmic world have been empowered by paranormal senses to predict the unnatural. These indications beware people of unnatural calamities which might take place in the days to come. Although not authenticated and believed by scientists, people in ancient times used to stringently examine these sudden natural changes in the surrounding before the onset of any auspicious activity or journey. The modern generation might feel it to be utter non sense and would not buy what is conveyed through this book ‘Omens’, but its existence cannot be overruled by anyone.

Omens, a very debatable topic, has never been discussed or explained in detail, especially to the generation of today. There has always been an element of doubt and a big question mark regarding the truth and authenticity which backs these beliefs. This book is a humble attempt to clear all misconceptions surrounding these age-old beliefs, their role in our day-to-day lives, their connection and relativity with our Vedas and ancient texts and how they have been followed and preached not only by our ancestors but also by our Gods and Goddesses who went through the cycle of birth and death on Earth and dwelt like normal humans only to face the atrocities and realities of life and free the world from the clutches of the evil.

Omens have always helped man to determine and fight the harshness of nature and its calamities and come to terms with it. They have saved people from many a difficult situation by lightening and brightening their path, and warning them to beware of the wilder side of nature and its elements. This handy book by Dr. Puneet Chawla, is a quick guide, a pathway and an eye-opener which lights up the road towards making life simpler, easier, happier and less challenging for people belonging to every caste, creed, sex, or class of society.

When we talk about Omens, it is not restricted to favorable and unfavorable gestures alone. This book reveals the very inception behind this theory, how it holds connectivity with the different elements of nature, its link with our great epics, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, its mention in our age-old Puranas, Manusmritis and Upanishads and also its importance in the day-to-day life of people belonging to the ancient era.

For the modern man, truth always needs to be backed by proof and scientific explanation, but people in olden times believed in ‘simple living and high thinking’. For them their social and religious constraints laid down their pattern of behavior and activity in everyday life, and Omens were an inseparable part of their livelihood which stood by them as a barrier to protect them from the unknown.

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