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Salvation of Demon Trinavarta by Lord Krishna

Salvation of Demon Trinavarta ....

Lord Krishna is known to have performed various miracles in his childhood. The following incident is yet another example of one of hi.... Read More

Goddess of Wealth- Maa Lakshmi

Goddess of Wealth- Maa Lakshmi ....

Goddess Lakshmi is the giver of wealth and money, this fact is known by everybody. People are just running after money and by hook or.... Read More

Best Tips ans Remedies for get blessed by Goddess Lakshmi

Best Tips ans Remedies for get ....

The Diwali,your guest is none other than Ma lakshmi ,goddess of prosperity.You don’t want her to skip your home.Do you? Read More

Eight aspects of Goddess Lakshmi as per Vastushastra

Eight aspects of Goddess ....

Maa Lakshmi can be named as AshtLakshmi i.e. there are eight aspects of Lakshmi. Read More

Lord Vishnu - Peace-Loving Hindu Deity

Lord Vishnu - Peace-Loving ....

The Master of the universe, Lord Vishnu who is always in peace, who has a serpent bed, he is the one from whose navel blooms the lotus.... Read More

Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of Wealth

Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of ....

The divine mother “Maa Lakshmi ” is known by every body. She is the shakti behind all Materialistic powers. Lakshmi is mainly und.... Read More

Ganesha, the Hindu God of Success

Ganesha, the Hindu God of ....

Ganesha the most popular Hindu god, represented as elephant headed on a human body. He crearts a tempatation of luck in hearts of his devotees w.... Read More

The Dancing Foot of Shiva

The Dancing Foot of Shiva

The left Foot of Shiva is raised from the ground. It signifies that a person should always let bygones be bygones and move ahead. To .... Read More

The Firm Foot of Shiva

The Firm Foot of Shiva

The firm foot of Shiva rests on a dwarf like creature. This posture is called the Sthita Padam. The firm foot is fixed on the base, t.... Read More

Bestowing hand of Shiva

Bestowing hand of Shiva

The lower left hand of the Natraj displays the hand gesture known as the Dola Hasta better known as the over generous hand. The lord .... Read More

Blessing Hand Of Shiva

Blessing Hand Of Shiva

The lower right hand of the great Lord Natraj is folded in Abhaya mudra. The word Abhay means fearless. Thus, the Abhaya Mudra is th.... Read More

Shiva Eternal Fire

Shiva Eternal Fire

The left upper hand of Natraj holds the eternal fire. Although, The Natraj is surrounded by cosmic fire, he has immortal fire in his .... Read More