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  • Radha Krishna Model 2 Radha Krishna Model 2
  • Radha Krishna Model 2 Radha Krishna Model 2
  • Radha Krishna Model 2 Radha Krishna Model 2

Relationship Remedies | Radha Krishna Model 2

Radha Krishna 

Radha Krishna Ji pictures and paintings are wonderful sources of positive energies! They create invisible energies which makes us prosperous and happy in every sphere of our life!
These paintings come with different poses and subjects which give us positives!
Radha Krishan paintings with different subjects and poses are believed to have auras that affect your home positively if hung in the north-east direction of the house. Hanging or placing Radha Krishna paintings in your home will ensure to add auspiciousness to the space.
We at live Vaastu bring authentic painting and pictures for your special life.

Garlands and flowers around Krishna’s neck, his blue colour, and yellow clothes depict more than just a deity. Blue represents the planet Earth, beautiful green nature, and the immeasurable depths of the ocean. The colour yellow represents love and respect for mother nature and what it means to humankind. It also depicts fire and the earth (mud and silica) that emits a mesmerising hue of yellow and brown. 

According to Vastu, Radha Krishna paintings or images can be kept in the living room and bedrooms.
The best direction or place to hang the paintings is the north-east direction of your room. 
Having Radha Krishna Painting in your Bedroom brings love & happiness in a relationship

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Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla
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