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Shipping Policy

Shipping Methods and Timeframes:The policy should specify the shipping methods available, such as standard shipping, express shipping, or international shipping. It should also outline the estimated delivery timeframes for each shipping method.

Shipping Costs: The policy should clarify if there are any shipping charges applicable to the customer. It may specify whether there are any free shipping thresholds based on order value or other criteria.

Order Processing Time: The policy may indicate the time it takes for the website to process and pack an order before it is ready for shipping. This is typically expressed as a range of business days.

Tracking and Notifications: The policy should mention whether the website provides order tracking information and how customers can access it. It may also explain how the website communicates shipping updates and delivery notifications to customers, such as through email or SMS.

International Shipping and Customs: If the website offers international shipping, the policy should cover any additional customs duties, taxes, or fees that may apply. It may also mention any restrictions on shipping certain products to specific countries.

Address Requirements: The policy might specify the customer's responsibility to provide accurate and complete shipping addresses. It may outline the consequences of providing incorrect addresses and any options available for address corrections or reshipment.

Lost or Damaged Packages: The policy may detail the steps to be taken if a package is lost, damaged, or stolen during transit. It might explain the customer's rights to file a claim or seek a replacement.

Returns and Exchanges: While not directly related to shipping, many e-commerce shipping policies also include information about returns and exchanges. This section may describe how customers can initiate returns, any associated costs or timeframes, and any exceptions or restrictions.

Delivery timeline is 7 days minimum & 14 days max

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