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  • Shiv Damru | Shiva Damru 1 Shiv Damru | Shiva Damru 1
  • Shiv Damru | Shiva Damru 1 Shiv Damru | Shiva Damru 1
  • Shiv Damru | Shiva Damru 1 Shiv Damru | Shiva Damru 1

Spiritual Remedies | Shiv Damru | Shiva Damru 1

Damru represents recreation, enjoyment while Trishula represents fear.....Damru represents reproduction as it symbolises yoni while Trishula represents death.... This means positivity and negativity are linked with each-other...there is nothing unidirectional and all is controlled by the Lord.. – user3310 Jul 13 '15 at 19:42 Damru is a symbol of infinity,the endless time. It represents that the universe is expanding and collapsing. from where it is expanding , it is collapsing there only. its an endless process. Shiva is often described as cosmic dancer and a great musician. Shiva's Tandavam is the cosmic dance and his Damaru (a small hourglass shape drum) represent the cosmic sound. It is said in Shiva Mahapurana that the sounds from the damaru beats the the rhythm of the cosmic vibrations and the energy is activated by the divine Mother or Shakti.Classical Indian hand percussion Damru is well known folk instrument for drumming in all over India. Damru is mainly made in wood, metal or skull with both ends covered by animal skin (goat skin) crossed tied-up strings or cords made from cotton, leather or jute. Damru is an hour glass shaped drum, typically played with the bare hands, a player wave the instrument by twisting the wrist back and forth. A Damru player adjusts the pitch of the instrument by adjusting the pressure that is applied to these strings. Damro is associated with Hindu God Lord Shiva, it is Lord Shiva favourite musical instrument that is why Damru is also known as a power drum, which invokes spiritual energy.

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