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  • Shubh Vivah Koudi Shubh Vivah Koudi
  • Shubh Vivah Koudi Shubh Vivah Koudi

Relationship Remedies | Shubh Vivah Koudi

Shubh Vivah kodi- It is said in ancient scriptures that kodi and Lakshmi are sisters, as they have both been born from the ocean. Kodi is said to protect the wearer as a mother. It protects the person who wears it from all evil. This is the reason why kodi is a must in all Indian weddings, as it is said that at the time of wedding the bride is at her most vulnerable state. Benefits of kodi: Kodi Protests the wearer from evil. kodi is kept with the bride during wedding. according to vastu Shastra kodi is first tied to the door before entering. It is tied to the new born baby’s neck in a black thread to protest the baby from negative energies. In south India kodi is kept in brides bag so it can bring love and protection to the bride in her new surroundings. Keeping kodi in the car, keeps the car and people sitting in that-car safe. It is kept in the volt to bring prosperity in the house. Not only in India but in other countries also kodi is considered holy. Kodi represents the auspicious bonding of shiva and Shakti. Kodi signifies trust. In many cultures goddess Lakshmi is adorned with kodi. Kodi has been used in every holy ritual since vedic ages. It is considered very pure and hindu religion it is considered as token of love. Dr. Chawla brings you this very divine, shubh vivah kodi. Its purity and spittle properties can bring love and prosperity into any household and lots of happiness for the newly wedded couple as well.

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Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla
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