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Shukra Graha Nature and Effects on Your Life

Shukra Graha Nature and Effects on Your Life

Shukra (Friday) Looks and Nature: He is the teacher of Demons. Having a white and fair complexion has four hands which hold dand, rudrakash mala, patra and varmudra. He has a very charming personality and a good a physique with a dash of curly hair. He is called shukracharya designated as priest of demons. He is a yoga teacher too. According to Mahabharata he is very wealthy and owner of all medicines , mantras and soluble. But he donated all his properties and wealth to his pupils and leaded a saintly life. His rath is in white colour and equipped with eight white horses which are very powerful.

According to mataysa puran he worshiped lord shiva very rigorously. Shiva was pleased by this worship of shukra and blessed him. He said that you will be able to conquer deities and nobody can kill you. He was designated as treasure of wealth also. Bhrama made Shukra as a planet and thus he started to roam around the world. He is always available in the bhrma’s meeting. He is a very favourable planet and does not create problems in one’s life.

His nature is of kaphha type. He is the lord of vrish and tula zodiac signs. Shukra provides a good spouse, love in one’s life, successful marriage, all sort of luxuries , sex in one’s marriage, art dance , music and passion. In another way he gives long and peaceful life full of happiness and vigour.

How to please Shukra: One should worship cow to get his blessings. One should wear white clothes. Diamond is the best gem stone to wear and make him please. One should donate silver, rice, ghee, white clothes, white chandan, diamond,horses, sugar, cow should be donated to a eligible Brahmin. The beej (seed,) Mantra for the Lord Shukra is "Om dram dreem drom sah Shukraya Namh".

The best time to worship shukra is in the morning, the best count for his mantra is Sixteen thousand. His best colour is white. His ruler is Goddess Indrani the queen of gods, the Supreme is Indra. The best gemstones are Diamond.