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Vastu Remedies | STUDY BOX

We all understand the importance of studies in this fast moving competitive world. In Dr. Puneet Chawla’s words, “Education polishes you to showcase even your weaknesses with strength in front of the world. If you can master this skill, nothing can hold you back in life and you would definitely touch the sky of success.”

Just like adults, children too need their private sanctuary to study, learn and relax. This area should be kept well-organized and should encourage the flow of positive energy within the surrounding atmosphere. Dr. Chawla, a highly renowned Vastu specialist and an enlightened guru, feels it is very important to consult your children and know about their likes and dislikes while doing up their room or the study place. It is extremely important for parents to trust their children’s’ interest and intuitions and even get their feedback. By doing so, you boost your child’s self confidence and belief in himself which in turn paves way for a more relaxed and focused life ahead of him.

Vastu rules to be followed for better concentration in studies.

• The northeast of the house should host the study desk and the child should be made to face the east, north-east or the north while studying as this enhances the brainwave activity of the child’s mind.

• Facing a window placed in the south direction while studying can lead to headaches and eyestrains. However, the child’s creativity gets restricted if he faces a blank wall in front of him. The best is to make him face the room which would give him an expansive feeling.

• Never cut down on the size of the desk as a skimpy table with no space would put the child under constant pressure.

• The child should be advised to keep only those books and gadgets on the table which are most conducive for his usage. These, too, should be well arranged and kept neatly.

• There should be sufficient and adequate natural lighting in the room which does not put strain on the eyes of the child while working.

• Sometimes just a simple relocation of the bookshelf and configuration of the furniture into a different set up in the study room as per Vastu principles can create greater interest for the child and enhance his interest in learning.

• The north-east of the room should be kept light, open, clean and clutter-free.

Vastu is a science which improves the way a person thinks, reacts and responds to things around him. Vastu enables a person to progress towards better opportunities in life. Not following Vastu rules for studies can lead to disastrous results for your child’s education.

Dr. Chawla understands the importance of Vastu in studies and hence he has invented a special Vastu study box which is sure to drive away all your child’s fears and induce a new wave of self-confidence in him.

Advantages of having a Study box

• It opens doors for newer opportunities, creations and establishments and paves way for success and prosperity in life.

• It increases confidence in the child and improves his grasping capacity

• It makes the surrounding positive which in turn helps the child to think positively and react positively.

• All Vastu related dosh relating tot he study room are absorbed by this special study box, invented and energised by the Vastu maestro Dr. Puneet chawla.

• It accelerates retention by enabling prompt memorisation by increasing the concentration power in the child.

• The child’s focus gets sharpened and the process of gaining and retaining knowledge is enhanced drastically.

How to use the Study box

SIply place the Study Box in your child’s room on the study table and let the magic work on its own. Remember to re-enegise it every month by keeping it under the full moon.

Dr. Chawla has changed thousands of lives towards betterment and prosperity in his endeavour to show mankind the path to quality life and his experiences of over 24 years in the field of Vastu is sure to benefit anyone who chooses to believe in him and follow his guidelines dedicatedly.

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