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The Real Happy State By Vastu

The Real Happy State By Vastu

- Let your everyday start with this Vaastu and Vedic ceremonies for forever Happiness, everlasting cheer.

Give to earn: The more we give the more we receive (earn), if you lack love in life give love to everybody near you for a joyful life. If you feel stagnation in financial flow, give an affordable amount from your income regularly to people who you know, you will feel satisfied in abundance of money. Money will come back to you by 10 times you gave. 

And a tip what not to give! Never give pain and hatred. You may receive it back otherwise.  

1. Follow time: Accept everything in life as it comes. We cannot change the time, days, nights, or hours instead we must endure them. This is a fact that we all need a peaceful life. Our scriptures say that the one, who stays peaceful in every state. Let’s have the courage to struggle and live this life with a smile. So the principle of following time is to move with the winds.

2. Needy to be fed: It is good omen to feed all the animals around us like dogs, cats, cows, and bulls. Feeding the birds and the insects is also a good omen for good luck. This may heal our past bad karmas; it may also vanish our troubles. You may also take care of flora and fauna that is the plants and trees. They are also living beings and have consciousness to be taken care. How do you nurture the life, yes you can do it by maintaining the plants around your home. This way a good vastu environment is created. 

Somebody who shares your giving of happiness and food, may also share your sorrows. So, enjoy your burden of problems will be reduced.

3.The body Vaastu: Normally when we sit some people do cross handed or they cross their legs. This kind of sitting positions is not good to receive the good luck. When we use this kind of posture in our regular and daily life or nature becomes stubborn and complex normally this kind of person do not get good luck.