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The Use Of Appropriate Colors For Every Room As Per Vastu Principles

The Use Of Appropriate Colors For Every Room As Per Vastu Principles

Colors play a pivotal role in determining the positive energy within any given structure or room. According to Vastu Shastra, every room has its own color palette and shade which is most suitable and conducive to it, following which would ensure sure shot positivity within the living premises. Every color emits certain vibrations and frequencies which act like energy boosters for the body and the surrounding. It impacts the human mind and body. Colors even have the energy of the Sun which in turn is considered to be the life restoring force of nature. They help in connecting with the sub-conscious core if used according to Vastu principles.  

I believe colors have the capability of increasing the aura of the astral body as well the atmosphere, so it would not be wrong to say that colors even act like gems for the house. Hence, they affect the human mind more than the body. Also, every color responds differently to the atmosphere and the surrounding where it has been used. 

Colours For The Living Room:-

The right usage of colors for the living room can either create an inviting mood for the guests and the family members or may prove to be irritating if not used correctly. It is said that colors set psychological effects on individuals and their respective moods. The best is to use shades of gold or white for the living room as these colors are the most relaxing, welcoming and even the warmest.

Colours For Master Bed Room:-

For the bedroom, it is advisable to use shades of pink and light yellow as these colors are symbolic of love and warmth and are hence best suited for the bedroom

Colours For Children Bedroom:-

A child’s room needs to reflect more energy for the child to study and play. Hence, its color combinations should be totally different from the parents’ room. It should be more stimulating and hence the use of colors like yellow, orange and blue would be beneficial in doing up the children’s room 

Colours For Prayer Room:-

A prayer room is for meditation and concentration, to be able to unite with the almighty with the help of prayers and hymns. It represents peace of mind, body and soul and hence the use of white color is best for this room. Other than white, even shades of violetcan be used for the same. 

Colours For Kitchen:-

The best color choice for a kitchen is green or a light yellow. Use of dark shades like black, blue or red are a taboo for the kitchen.  Green is a color which represents love, life, youth and a growing phase of energy. It has a healing effect on the tired nerves and is very soothing for the mental and physical body. 

Green is the first choice for kitchen followed by light shade of yellow. Use of red, black and blue should be avoided in the kitchen. Kitchen with wooden effects are excellent. Green represents life, love, and youth. It represents a growing phase of energy. It is good for tired nerves; it is a good healing color. It is both soothing and relaxing both mentally and physically. Hence it is best suited for the kitchen.

Colours For Bathroom/Toilet:-

For the toilet or bathroom, Vastu says it is best to use ivory or light yellow. 

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