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  • nazar dosh potli nazar dosh potli
  • nazar dosh potli nazar dosh potli

nazar dosh potli

Aristotle has said

No notice is taken of a little evil, but when it increases it strikes the eye.”

In our daily life we have to do lot of struggle for every happiness we want to avail. With much hard work we buy our house, the furniture in it, the gadgets, our fancy clothes, our vehicles. They are a part of our stress story, which we turn into success.

  1.  Suddenly we stop growing,
  2. The loans and debts start coming on high note.
  3. Expenditure on disease gets getting up.
  4. Small and big losses start coming up.
  5. Clashes and quarrels start popping up.

Why these bad incidents happen to us. This all happens when our life is attacked by the evil eye. This is a strong negative energy, which transfers from other people. When we get ill our immune system gets weak and eventually we get lots diseases. The same happens when our home has vaastu defects the aura gets weak and we start getting problems The Nazar dosh potli is one such research by the legend Dr. Puneet Chawla that helps us to clear and vanish the negative energy. All the evil eye ends up this formulation. It contains age-old remedies, some scientific logical things to ward of the negative energy. How to use?

  1. Hang in the living room
  2. Hang on the main door
  3. Hang in the bedroom door
  4. Hang in the kitchen
  5. Hang in the children room
  6. Place it in the office.
Rs. 750
Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla
Net Weight: 200

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