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  • Vaastu Passage To Fortune ( English ) Vaastu Passage To Fortune ( English )
  • Vaastu Passage To Fortune ( English ) Vaastu Passage To Fortune ( English )
  • Vaastu Passage To Fortune ( English ) Vaastu Passage To Fortune ( English )

Books | Vaastu Passage To Fortune ( English )

A very normal approach of most of the people, when faced with challenges in life, is to consult an astrologer in an attempt to try to come to terms with their stars, match horoscopes and indulge in all kinds of paraphernalia activities so as to make everything fall into place and bring their life back to the track. Very few of them choose to solve issues on a practical note and with a scientific approach. This is what we present here to you, the age-old science of Vaastu, backed by scientific logic and understanding.

‘Vaastu, a passage to fortune’ is a comprehensive guide, a handy book, for people of every age group and strata of society, to understand the concepts and principles of Vaastu and adapt them in their day-to-day life. Right from its origin and how it has been linked with the ten directions and the five elements of nature, this book explains it all. Vaastu has always been a difficult subject for most of the people as it has always been misunderstood and misinterpreted. People connect Vaastuwith demolition as its remedial measures; however this does not stand authentic to the subject of discussion here. Vaastu is a very calculative approach towards understanding the ten directions embedded in the universe and the five elements of nature, how they are inter-linked with their respective Hindu Gods and Goddesses, pertaining to the properties of the direction they belong to and why they emit the energies that they do.

Vaastu also throws light on the presence of the various energies in and around us and how we derive strength and positivity from them. The solar energy, earth’s electromagnetic energy, gravitational energy, the North Pole energy, all these exhibit and participate in dressing up our present for a better tomorrow in every sphere, be it health, personal relations, business, success or goodwill in society.

Just like salt adds taste and flavor to food, Vaastu adds color and beauty to our life. The best thing about Vaastu that it just needs to be monitored once, when you are getting your residence or office made or you intend to shift to a new property, and once done, you need not worry for a lifetime. However, Vaastu can also be applied in already-built apartments and homes by following its simple remedial measures in our everyday life.

Last, but not the least, Vaastu is a subject for the masses, it is not something to be overlooked, ignored or neglected. It is a way of life to be adopted by one and all, irrespective of caste, creed, religion or sex. Vaastu brings overall happiness and prosperity. It lets you grow both individually as well as collectively. It caters to all your personal, social, emotional and biological needs. It grants you all the luxuries and comforts of life on a silver platter, if followed meticulously. Life becomes easy, comfortable, happy and worth living.

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