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Vaastu Tips For Health

Vaastu Tips For Health

Vaastu doesn’t enhance only wealth, peace and prosperity; it is also your ticket to better health.

Vaastu principles are based on the basic five elements of Nature like the Earth, Water, Sky, Fire and Air. Imbalance in these elements can cause discomforts to the human body and thus result in health disorders. By applying the principles of vaastu, health issues can be mitigated. The subtle energies prevailing in the house, along with the placement of different rooms and items influence the health of an individual. Some basic rules that affect the health of the human body are discussed below.

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1. Bedroom Vaastu for Health: A bedroom in the northeast causes health problems for couples. Pregnant women should especially women should especially not use such bedrooms as it increases chances of miscarriage. A bedroom in the southeast makes one irritable. The bed should not be aligned with the toilet wall, for that creates negative energies.

Use wooden beds without any storage space. They prevent any kind of brain and heart related health problem.

Pointing your head towards the south while sleeping facilitates sound sleep. Pointing to the north leads to stress and aches, as electromagnetic waves flowing from the north create conflict. This stress manifests itself as headaches and body aches.

Pointing your feet towards the door of the room is also anti vastu as it invites several health problems. Sleeping under a construction beam --- a load-bearing feature --- exacerbates stress.

2. Kitchen Vaastu for Health: Positioning the kitchen in the northeast causes serious health problems for the women of the house. It can also cause accidents. Even if the kitchen is in south or southwest, but the gas stove is in north or northeast the health problems can be expected.

At the time of cooking, eating and drinking avoid facing south west and south direction. Make sure your face is toward east or west during eating. It will enhance the taste and improve digestion system of the body.

Similarly, if your back is towards the door while cooking then it could cause some serious health problems like leg-pain and back ache, pain in shoulders and even cervical.

3. Water Sources: Placing water sources in the northeast leads to better health, but make sure that you don’t construct any underground that cut into the magnetic line of energy, which runs from northeast to the southwest. Any disconnect in this line will lead to behavioral problems, such as depression and anxiety.

4. Stairs Vaastu for Health: Stairs in the northeast creates tension and high blood pressure. Also if placed in the central portion of the building, it can create major health problem. Do not use space below stairs for store, toilet, bathroom or anything else. It only increases heart and nervous disorders.

Some other points:

  • The color of roof and wall should not be same. Additionally there should not be any tree facing window or entrance door. These enhance the negativity. Placing a convex mirror on exterior wall will diminish the effect.
  • Locating a garbage area in the northeast hampers blood circulation.
  • Closed spaces in the north and northeast create confusion in the mind and hampers concentration level of children.
  • Stores, toilets and stairs in the central portion of the building can create major health problem.

Live Vaastu Tip: Burning a candle in southeast direction is always good for health.

Dr. Puneet Chawla is a Life Guru, guiding and mentoring the followers to solve their life problems and make a easy living. He corrects the reasons of troublesome life by way of Vastu, Mantra and Tantra Mandalas. Being an intuitive personality he senses the negative energies, the reasons of problems and rarely predicts the life decisions too. He is a Shiv and Shakti Sadhak and guides people through Shivpath.