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Vastu Articles Written by Dr. Puneet Chawla

Dhan Teras Or Dhanwantary Trayodas

Dhan Teras Or Dhanwantary ....

The first day of the celebrations of the Deepawali festival begins officially with Dhan Teras or Dhanwantary Trayodas. This day is considered to be highly auspicious and it holds different .... Read More

The Five Brilliant Days of Diwali, The Festival of Lights

The Five Brilliant Days of ....

Diwali, also known as Depawali, is the holiest and most popular among all Indian festivals. It envelops and embraces one and all, irrespective of their varied cultures, religion and secular .... Read More

Vastu For Living Room Design

Vastu For Living Room Design

Vastu for living room design ensures flow of positive energy which in turn ensures wealth, happiness and prosperity for the inmates. These positive vibrations spread positive energies, making room .... Read More

Vastu Interior Consulting Services In Maharashtra

Vastu Interior Consulting ....

When talking about Vastu interior consulting services in Maharashtra, Dr. Puneet Chawla’s consultancy firm for Vastu tops the list. Providing first hand services to his enormous number of followers .... Read More

Interesting And Unique Facts About The Festival Of Dussehra Unknown To Many

Interesting And Unique Facts ....

The festival of Dussehra is marked to celebrate the victory of good over evil, the victory of Lord Rama over the demon king Ravana who had abducted his consort Sita. .... Read More

Dussehra  - Why Do We Celebrate It?

Dussehra - Why Do We Celebrate ....

After the nine sacred nights of ‘Sharad Navratri’ the festival of Dussehra is celebrated with great pomp and grandeur all across the globe by the Hindus. This day is also known as ‘Vijaya .... Read More

Goddess Siddhidatri Puja - Ninth Day of Navratri

Goddess Siddhidatri Puja - ....

Maa Siddhidatri is worshipped on the ninth and the last day of Navratri puja. She represents the ninth incarnation of Goddess Durga. .... Read More

Worship Goddess Maha Gauri on the 8th day of Navaratri

Worship Goddess Maha Gauri on ....

Navratri Puja on the eighth day is also known as Maha Pooja. This day is dedicated to Maa Gauri, the eighth incarnation of Goddess Durga. She is Lord Shiva’s consort .... Read More

Goddess Kalratri Puja - Seventh Day of Navratri

Goddess Kalratri Puja - Seventh ....

The seventh day of Navratri puja marks the worship of Goddess Kalaratri who happens to be the seventh incarnation of Goddess Durga. She is the most violent amongst all the nine forms of the Goddess .... Read More

Worship Maa Katyayani on the sixth day of Navaratri

Worship Maa Katyayani on the ....

Maa Katyayni is worshipped on the sixth day of Navratri by Hindus throughout the world. She is the sixth manifestation of Maa Durga. The story behind this is there was a pious sage by the name .... Read More

Worship Goddess Skandmata - Fifth Day of Navratri

Worship Goddess Skandmata - ....

The fifth day of the Navratri festival marks the worship of the fifth incarnation of Goddess Durga, Skandmata devi. Lord Kartikeya, also known as Skanda Kumar, is her son whi also happens to be the .... Read More

Navratri fourth day Kushmanda Mata Puja

Navratri fourth day Kushmanda ....

Goddess Kushmanda is worshipped on the fourth day of Navratri puja. She is also one among the nine forms of incarnations of Goddess Durga. She is also known as ‘Adishakti’, .... Read More

Goddess Chandraghanta Puja  - Third Day of Navratri

Goddess Chandraghanta Puja - ....

Goddess Chandraghanta, one of the nine incarnations of Durga, is worshipped with great enthusiasm and devotion by the Hindus all across the country. .... Read More

Goddess Brahmacharini Puja - Second Day of Navratri

Goddess Brahmacharini Puja - ....

On the second day of the Navratri puja, Maa Brahmachariniis worshipped and this day is regarded as significant of the pinnacle of purity and piousness. Read More

Worship Maa Shailputri - First Day Of Navratri

Worship Maa Shailputri - First ....

Navratri is one of the most auspicious festivals as per Hindu traditions which commemorate worshipping Goddess Durga in her nine different forms. Read More

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