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Vastu Elemetns for Clean Negative Energy

Vastu Elemetns for Clean Negative Energy

There are many type of negative energies out there, which generates problems like lack of concentration, depression etc. But one can put them on the breaks by applying positive energies. Let's see how it can be-

Essential oils and Incense:

The incense and essential oils of flowers are pious and have cleansing properties. They enhance the positive environment. Light and burn them regularly to clear off the negative energy forms.


Darkness is the symbol of dullness, depression and tensions. Once in the evening even for a small time all the lights of house should be switched on. It vanishes the essence of darkness. The last corner and the Northeast corner of the house should always keep lighted.


Ring bells in house and all corners. The sound of ringing bells vanishes even many types of bacteria. Shankh sounds are also very power ful to clear of the negativity.

Sea salt:

Sea salt has great negativity extracting powers. Place some sea salt in bowls in every room; it can be placed under the ill person’s bed. This salt has to be changed periodically approximately 15 days. The sea salt can be used to wipe the floors it cleanses the environment.


Sunlight coming in your place cleanses and vanishes the negative environment. Proper transmutation of sunlight creates a good and healthy environment. Plants and natural flowers also vanish the negative energies.


This is the most powerful method to clean the negative energies. These are semi precious stones available from the mother earth. Crystal has amazing cleansing properties in them selves. The quartz family is very famous form in cleansing the negatives from our surroundings. It works as a filter for the energies.

Apply these ideas all around yourself and you would find that environment support you by providing positive energies.