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Vastu For Pooja Room Location

Vastu For Pooja Room Location

Many people are confused about where to have the puja room in the house or office. Here are some tips that could help them clear their confusions…

Since the northeast is the best place to worship, place your mandir in the northeast part of your plot. The first rays of the sun points beam towards the north east corner, rendering it pious, the northeast corner is termed as the corner for the gods .So when you are worshipping, you should face the northeastern corner.

The best material from which a mandir could be made is wood or marble.

There should not be too many pictures or idols of a single god in the mandir. And the idols should not be more than 3 inches in height.

Ganesha is so blessed as to have maa lakshmi on his right and daridrata on his back. So one should place it in such a way door so that poverty remains outside the structure of the house.

Another point to notice is that people place the pictures of dead people in the pooja room, which should not be done. Even the guru’s pictures should not be placed amongst the pictures of gods.

Generally people use under stair place to make mandir. Please do not do so.

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