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Vastu Guidelines For Buying Property or Home

Vastu Guidelines For Buying Property or Home

It is equally important to ascertain the correct Vastu principles at the time of purchasing a property or home as is required for doing up its exteriors and interiors. Vastu is an age old science which provides an insight towards the correct method of designing and building a house. If Vastu guidelines for buying property or home are adhered to, it would ensure creation of a well-ventilated, well lit up and well designed spacious house.

It is quite cumbersome to get a house constructed in today’s fast moving world. Hence people prefer opting for ready-to-move-in properties or apartments. Vastu lays down specific regulations which need to be looked into before buying a house. Here are a few Vastu guidelines for buying property or home:


When buying an apartment or flat, the entrance of the block is considered to be the main entrance of the house. This entrance should not be placed in the south or west. This is because the infrared rays of the sun during afternoon time tend to enter the house from this direction which is considered very harmful for health. The entrance into the house should always be from the north or north east. The building should have enough open space around it. 

Sunlight and cross ventilation:

Vastu lays a lot of stress on natural light and ventilation. There should be ample sunlight entering into the house and proper cross ventilation within the flat. It is ideal to buy a flat which is north or east-facing and which has windows and balconies on either of these directions. This would enable the entry of the morning rays of the sun into the premises which is enriched with positivity and ultra violet rays. It is not recommended to have windows in the south or west as the infrared rays coming out of the sun in the afternoon are very harmful for health and if the windows are placed in these two directions these rays tend to enter the house during the afternoon. Windows in these directions should be small in size with horizontal shading device. This would prevent the harmful rays of the sun from entering into the house. Moreover, enough open space should be left around the building and there should not be a common wall with the neighbouring house as this leads to creation of mixed energies. 


A kitchen in the north-east is a huge Vastu defect. Hence one should never buy a house or apartment which has the kitchen located in the northeast section. This direction welcomes the morning sun and the positive energy with it, therefore this area is best suited for a meditation or living room. The kitchen should be ideally placed in the south-east direction.

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