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Vastu Principles For Flats

Vastu Principles For Flats

With growing population, there has been a noticeable dearth of space especially in metropolitan cities. However, to accommodate more and more people under one plot of land, multi-storied buildings are being constructed which have many flats in one particular building. Vastu even lays down specific principles to be followed while doing up the architecture of flats which should be strictly followed. Vastu Shastra is not a magic, it simply lets go of the damaging effect from calamities in your life which might befall on you any time. Following Vastu principles ensure happy and comfortable living within flats for a successful and peaceful life. Here are some important Vastu guidelines for flats:

•    The master bedroom within a flat should always be located in the south-west direction. However, if it is a duplex flat with more than one floor, the topmost floor should have the master bedroom. 

•    The northeast corner should have the children’s room

•    There should be no bedrooms on the south west for the children. 

•    The south or the west should have the toilets and the drains should flow towards the northeast.

•    The northwest, south and west should have the drawing room and the furniture within it should be placed against the south and west walls. The north and the east should have maximum open spaces. 

•    The fire angel should have the kitchen that is the south-east direction. East should be faced by the cook while cooking food. The northeast direction in the kitchen should have the water tap.

•    For a study room, the best directions are northeast, northwest, north, west or the east corners. However, it is most favorable to have the puja room and study room placed adjacent to each other. 

•    The southern part of the house should have the store room. Box beds should not be used for storing things as they lead to sleeping disorders. However, kitchen grains and groceries can be stored in the kitchen itself.

•    Daily kitchen wastes should be kept covered and in the southwest corner.

•    The main entrance door should be in the north or the east

•    The northwest direction should have the guest room or the room for unmarried girls.

•    The windows should be at least 3 feet from the ground level. They should open on the north or east sides of the building.

•    The northern part of the house should have bigger rooms than those on the south by 6 to 9 inches and they even must be lower by 1 to 3 inches. 

•    The ideal height of any room is 12 to 14 feet. 

•    The main door should be bigger and larger than all other doors within the structure. 

•    All doors should open facing the walls.

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