•  Brass Puja chowki  Brass Puja chowki
  •  Brass Puja chowki  Brass Puja chowki

Spiritual Charm | Brass Puja chowki

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Rs. 1200
Product code: SC-509
Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla

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Product Descriptions

Brass puja chowki

No matter what way you make your temple, the Asana for the god is must. The Asaan must be pious and beautiful. The god has to sit on that, we call it hindi as Virajmaan.

The Asan or chowki must be beautifully crafted in a good time called Mahurtam. This is a must to have puja accessory for any home or office temple.

One can also keep the sacred puja things on this, one can offer the Prasaad too.

This live vastu brass puja chowki is beautifully carved in a best time. Confiscated by the Brahmins, to make it pure.

How to use:-

  • Use it to place god idol on it.
  • Use it to place Prasaad on it.
  • Use it to place the deepak on it.
  • Use it to place the scared things like dahinawarti Shankh, Ekakshi naryial, peelee kauri, Gomti chakra etc.

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