• 1008 Tips for Better Living 1008 Tips for Better Living
  • 1008 Tips for Better Living 1008 Tips for Better Living
  • 1008 Tips for Better Living 1008 Tips for Better Living

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Dr Puneet chawla has a routine to meet his numerous clients increasing day by day. He has to personally interact with the clients, the first feeling he got that every body is stressed with day-to-day problems. Too erase small chores of life people asked for small solutions, which are easy to do. Now the solution game is burdened with so many useless and unscientific tips by mushrooming fortune changers. Too counter this and safeguard innocent believers from the fraudulent services of fortune changers, he decided to wrote a book which carried Vedic remedies and some scitific logic based remedy for all the life problems. This can be termed as compiling 1008 pearls for a prosperous life.
1008 Tips for Better Living is based on time-tested tips for a better life. Many tips are based on reciting mantras, shlokas and dohas from ancient Hindu scriptures and epics that the sages have experienced over centuries and have found to be useful.

In today’s life when most of us remain unhappy because of either not getting a good job or a disturbed married life or problems in conceiving a child or suffering from any disease, this book provides tips, which if applied with full faith can work wonders. These are simple steps which require minor changes or adjustments in our daily lives.
People have followed these steps for centuries and benefitted, and there is no doubt why it will not work for you. This book covers many aspects of a person’s life like career, employment, business, health, marriage, progeny, property, litigation etc.

He believes in this quote of Swami Vivekananda

Every idea that strengthens you must be taken up and every thought that weakens you must be rejected.

Yes indeed the ‘idea that strengthens you must be taken up’.

With a good feeling that this book will be a handy practical guide in for person living in this tough world, presenting this humble book in association with Times group books a Times of India enterprise.

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Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla

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