• Big Shudh Bhoj Patra Big Shudh Bhoj Patra
  • Big Shudh Bhoj Patra Big Shudh Bhoj Patra
  • Big Shudh Bhoj Patra Big Shudh Bhoj Patra

Spiritual Charm | Big Shudh Bhoj Patra

Bhojpatra is made from the bark of himalayan birch trees, and are very difficult to get. It was used to write ancient scriptures and yantras. Yantras that are designed in bhoj patras are more powerful than any other yantra. It is also used for vashikaran by many astrologers.

Benefits of bhoj patra 

  • It is used to design yantras.

  • Mantras are written on bhojpatra and used as talisman by people. 

  •  It is used for vashikaran.

  • It specifies the three doshas.

  • Bhojpatra is used as an armour against evil eyes.

  • people going to Badrinath, Kedarnath and Gangotri tie the bits of bhojpatra under the foot to make the journey comfortable.

  • Evil souls maintain distance from the presence of bhojpatra. 

With so many medical benefactors, bhojpatra is one of the most important products in puja. With wellness and prosperity in mind, Dr. Chawla brings to you the purist bhojpatra in two sizes. 5 pieces of Shudh bhojpatra of 14/9 cm each in a pack, and 5 pieces of big shudh bhojpatra of 15/18 cm each. Being a reputed astrologer and spiritual guru, Dr. Chawla realises how important it is to have pure products. Hence his team extensively works to serve better. 

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Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla

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