• Black Sesame Seed Black Sesame Seed
  • Black Sesame Seed Black Sesame Seed
  • Black Sesame Seed Black Sesame Seed

Spiritual Charm | Black Sesame Seed

In India sesame seeds have been cultivated since Harappan period and their religious value is immense too. Black sesame seeds purify the body and the environment around by removing all negative forces from within and around us. Black til is prominently used in Hanuman puja, Shani puja and it is also one of the main components of havan. In Vaastu science, the black sesame offering to deities is believed to purify the environment off all negative energies and induce positivity in it which in turn brings about good health, happiness, success and prosperity within the household and lives of individuals. Benefits of black sesame offering ? It is the main component in a havan. ? Black sesame removes negativity. ? Black sesame is used in shiva abhishek. ? During shradha black til is considered very auspicious when offered to the ancestors. ? It is said that it helps the soul to cross vaitarni nadi or the river of karma. ? It is the most viscous amongst plant oils. ? black sesame seeds builds yin jing, therefore it is called longevity seed. In a nutshell, Offering black sesame seeds to deities during special pujas and ceremonies brings in good luck, spreads positive energy and purifies the environment. Its benefits are vastly noted since ancient times throughout the world. Dr. Chawla, an enlightened spiritual guru, says offering black sesame to gods and our ancestors showers us with their blessings for lifelong and ensures us a happy, long, healthy and prosperous life. Hence, he has energised these black sesame seeds which are organic and is packed with purity in mind. Using them would nullify you from all negativities in and around you.

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Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla

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