• Abhayankar Dry Dhoop Sticks (Frank Dry Incense ) Abhayankar Dry Dhoop Sticks (Frank Dry Incense )
  • Abhayankar Dry Dhoop Sticks (Frank Dry Incense ) Abhayankar Dry Dhoop Sticks (Frank Dry Incense )
  • Abhayankar Dry Dhoop Sticks (Frank Dry Incense ) Abhayankar Dry Dhoop Sticks (Frank Dry Incense )

Incense And Aroma | Abhayankar Dry Dhoop Sticks (Frank Dry Incense )

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Rs. 150
Product code: Vastu-Package-284
Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla
Net Weight: 100 Grams

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Product Descriptions

These are dry, woody sticks with an earthy and fruity aroma with an extremely calming and soothing effect obtained from the Boswellia evergreen trees. They are hard resin which is gathered from the tree trunks. The other names of Frankincense are olibanum, luban, mohor, beyo, maidi and so on. Its place of origin are India, Yemen and Oman, Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Kenya. They remove and nullify the affects of evil forces from within any environment where they are burnt on a regular basis. They help in meditation and attaining peace of mind as well. the key features of this product are:

• They elevate the mind and help in meditation

• A sense of wellness is obtained where these sticks are used every day.

• They are made from 100% natural ingredients

• They remove evil forces from the environment

• Its lingering fragrance blesses every individual present therein

Dry Frankincense sticks have a number of advantages, some of which have been mentioned herein:

• They remove negative vibrations and evil forces from the surrounding

• They induce positivity within the environment

• Contains meditative properties which helps improves prayers, boosts spirituality, increases creativity and even maintains cleanliness

• They treat bronchial asthama and many skin problems as they are anti-inflammatory

• Gives courage and even removes the effects of evil eye

• They create a sense of wellness rich in aromatic fragrance which purifies the air around

• The product being extracted from natural ingredients is environment friendly as well

• From Vastu point of view, it removes the defects of the southeast direction as its element is fire

• Astrologically it is good for sun signs like Leo, Gemini, Aries, Virgo and Capricorn

Start using these dry Frankincense incense sticks without bamboo from today and see how all negative energies vanish from your home and office premises, thereby making room for happiness, tranquility and peace of mind for you and your family members.

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  • Weight
    100 Grams

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