• Guggle dry incense sticks Guggle dry incense sticks
  • Guggle dry incense sticks Guggle dry incense sticks
  • Guggle dry incense sticks Guggle dry incense sticks

Incense And Aroma | Guggle dry incense sticks

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Rs. 150
Product code: IA-279
Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla
Net Weight: 100 Grams

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Product Descriptions

Guggal dry incense sticks come without bamboo and can be burnt directly to release an aromatic fragrance which is very soothing and pleasing to all Hindu Gods and Goddesses. It should be lit in the living area of a structure. It improves the energy environment of the place. The gummy resin of this flowering plant is used to extract the oils and fragrances which tend to emit positivity within the atmosphere from the tree named commiphoramukul. It holds great value in the Indian Ayurveda system for recreating energy. It has its origin in India itself. The common names of this are myrhh, guggulu, guggu and even bdellium. The key features of this product are:

• They are dry incense sticks without bamboo

• The resin is collected from cut branches by making cuts in the trunk of the tree which is thereafter dried to a solid form.

• They burn down completely to spread an aromatic fragrance which pleases all deities

• They come in packs of 200 grams each

• They relieve the senses and refreshes the mind, body and soul

Burning these dry incense Guggal sticks without bamboo with in a premise everyday can slowly rid it off all negative vibrations and induce positivity in it over time. The plus points of burning these are:

• All negative forces are removed from the atmosphere where these are lit

• Induces sleep

• Relaxes, purifies and strengthens positivity in the atmosphere

• They remove bad energy forces from within the surrounding

• They are very pleasing to the Gods

• They even induce a sense of positivity within individuals

• From Vastu point of view, it is good for removing North direction defects as its elemental nature is water.

• Astrologically, it is associated with the star signs of Cancer, Scorpio, Aquarius, Virgo and Taurus. 

Dry Guggal incense sticks without bamboo should be burnt every day. Start with the practice from today and see how your life gets filled with contentment, happiness and prosperity.

Weight: 100 Grams

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