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  • Haridra Ganpati Haridra Ganpati
  • Haridra Ganpati Haridra Ganpati

Prosperity & Luck Charm | Haridra Ganpati

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Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla

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Product Descriptions

The yellow color Ganpati made in Parule Haldi, (Turmeric). He is the bestower of wealth and prosperity. The Lord gives us sweet bliss of life realization and self-satisfaction. Lord HaridraGanpati removes the disease and misery of the devotees. He sets them to a self-disciplined life. It gives occult knowledge and wisdom. This HaridraGanpati should be worshiped for grand success and other desires too. If you fear that people can harm you, that is the time you should worship on HaridraGanpati.

The Worshiper should do 108 chants of the moola Beej mantra on a yellow rosary of Haldi (Turmeric).

The moola/beej mantra of HaridraGanapati is :

Om hum gam glaumharidraaganapatayevara-varadasarva-janahridayamstambhayastambhayaswahaa.

Haridra Ganesha may be kept in : 

  • Cash box.
  • Place of business dealings.
  • Almirah, locker
  • Place of worship

According to Indian Astrology, Haridra Ganesha brings the good effect of Mercury, Jupiter, too.

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