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  • Janaeu Roll Janaeu Roll

Spiritual Charm | Janaeu Roll

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Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla

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Product Descriptions

The thread of Janaeu stands for the connection between god and soul. The thread is enriched with mantras before offering it to the god. Janaeu is the thread of purity and knowledge in thoughts, words and deeds. By offering janaeu to god, we offer our purity and knowledge to the supreme power who is all powerful and purist of all. In doing so, we become one with the almighty lord. We surrender ourselves to the universe, and recognise ourselves as a tiny part of the great universe. Janaeu is also known as yagnapavit. It is important for brahmins to wear the janaeu when they turn 7 years of age. The ceremony is known as upnayan sanskar. However, nowadays janaeu is offered to the gods by all castes.

Benefits of Janaeu 

  • The holy thread connects the soul with the universe.

  • The holy thread is adorned by brahmins and Kshatriyas.

  • Janaeu represent purity and knowledge.

  • Janaeu also represents our duties as humans.

  • It is made out of unbroken single thread that signifies unbroken bond with god.

  • The delicateness of the thread signifies the delicacy of soul which can easily be contaminated if not handled with care.

Dr. Chawla with his soul searching insights, brings to you the janaeu which is intact. It is made of soft cotton and chaste. The janaeu is further enriched with mantras which makes it unique in itself.


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