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Evil Eye Charm | Kaali Haldi

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Product code: EEC-31
Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla

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Product Descriptions

Kali Haldi

Obvious when you live a long life, it will be carrying the mistakes too. Learning from your mistakes can turn your life into successful innings. Don’t quit at least you are doing your karma’s. Dr. Puneet Chawla

Accept yourself first, as you are, love yourself. If you are capable to handle the things, energize yourself and win the situation. You know that our deepest fear is to be inadequate. Don’t be frighten be gorgeous and outgoing.

A wonder full Blessed Vaastu Element from the hands of Vastu legend Dr. Puneet Chawla the Kali Haldi.

Turmeric is a plant stem and is used as a spice in the Indian food. It has lot medicinal properties. Also It is used in spiritual purposes to apply Tilak. Normally turmeric is yellow in color. Black turmeric differs from normal yellow turmeric. Black Turmeric is little ugly to see, but this is very sacred and multi beneficiary. This plant is found around the Narmada river in Madhya Pradesh, in Makwan Pu r Dist of Nepal, and in the plains of Vastor.

It is very rare. Not easily available. Get energized kaalihaldi/black turmeric by Dr Puneet Chawla. Limited availability.


Why you need this element?

For Inviting finances: If you feel your business is stagnant. It is not growing. Sale is very low. Customer comes but does not buy the products. Then keep Black turmeric is kept in cash lockers of business and residential houses for financial prosperity.

To Remove Bad Eyes/ BuriNazar:

You feel that you are affected by some evil eyes. You feel that unknown obstacles are coming. You get hysteric in anger whenever you enter the home. You feel that your business is going well but suddenly stops. Hang the energized Kaali Haldi near the main door to ward off bad evil and energies. To Get Noticed You feel that you don't have friends. You feel that nobody notices you in a party. Your relatives does not give you weight age. Keep the energized Kaali Haldi in pocket or near oneself it creates attraction.

To Increase speaking skills:

You are a teacher and you feel that you are not able to speak properly. You are good in sales but not able express properly. You feel that you are unable to express your emotions. It is good for sales people/PR etc. Keep the energized Kaali Haldi in pocket or near oneself it creates confidence. If not at peace: You feel that you have tensions You feel that unknown fears are there with you. You feel that there is no love and peace in your life Keep the energized Kaali Haldi in pocket or near oneself it creates peace and love abundance.

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