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  • Laghu Nariyal Laghu Nariyal
  • Laghu Nariyal Laghu Nariyal

Prosperity & Luck Charm | Laghu Nariyal

Laghu Nariyal

Laghu Nariyal is the tiniest and the smallest coconut similar to the size of a betel nut. Laghu Nariyal bestows a person with wealth and comforts of life as per our ancient scripts.

Stability of money:

It should be kept in a Locker or in The Puja Ghar wrapped up with a white cloth. It is believed that the Goddess Lakshmi, resides permanently where the Laghu Nariyal is kept.


A businessman can have his desires and ambitions fulfilled if he keeps a laghu coconut in his cash box or treasury getting it tied in a red piece of cloth. It helps a man earn wealth and prosperity.

Good Luck:

The Laghu Nariyal is proven and tested to be effective as a good luck charm to get all the luxuries of life. It increases the wealth and prosperity of the person in whose house it is kept. How to use:

  1. It should always be kept in a clean and sacred place of the house. To get quick results of this Laghu Nariyal, incense sticks should be lightened in front of the coconut.
  2. It should be kept along with all the essential Puja ingredients during any auspicious occasions held in the home, office or temple.
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