• Live Vaastu Aasdhatu Surya Model 04 Live Vaastu Aasdhatu Surya Model 04

Blessed Live Vaastu Elements | Live Vaastu Aasdhatu Surya Model 04

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Rs. 2800
Product code: BVE-497
Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla
Net Weight: 540

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Product Descriptions

Power of vastu symbols

Surya is one of the three chief gods of the Vedas. As one of the spheres, the physical sun is the celestial form of fire, Agni, and source of all life. SURYA is at the center of the spheres. Above it is the esoteric spheres of the Supreme Ruler and below it is the manifest spheres of the moon and the earth.

Vastu symbols for home |Vastu symbols and remedies | Dr. Puneet chawla | Vastu video


Weight: 540

Width: 0.4 CM

Height:15 CM


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