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  • Live Vaastu Incense Live Vaastu Incense

Incense And Aroma | Live Vaastu Incense

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Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla

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Product Descriptions

We light incense sticks in front of the Almighty everyday because it pleases God and showers us with positive vibrations. However, the Live Vastu incense sticks are specially designed, created and energized by Dr. Chawla so as to remove negative energy from the environment where it is lit up. Vastu is an age old science based on architecture in cognition with the five elements of nature and the ten directions of the universe which, if not coincided properly, can create disastrous effects for the inmates of the house. the Live Vastu incense sticks act as a healer and negative energy remover for nullifying the bad effects of Vastu and various other related factors as well.


The alarm for using the Live Vastu incense sticks is raised when one starts facing the following problems:

·       One does not seem to be enjoying life at all

·       One faces health problems all the time.

·       You tend to get irritated and frustrated as soon as you enter the house

·       You feel depressed but the reason is known to you.

The only solution to all these problems is only one, the use of Live Vastu incense sticks on a regular basis within the house and office.

Using Live Vastu incense sticks solve the defects of:

·       Evil eye

·       Bad curse

·       Bad health

·       Presence of negative energies for any reason

The Live Vastu incense sticks is a powerful mixtures of herbs and aromatic essence which removes every kind of negativity from within and around the surrounding of any structure be it a residential property, office or any other premises.

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