• Live Vaastu Marriage Problems Live Vaastu Marriage Problems
  • Live Vaastu Marriage Problems Live Vaastu Marriage Problems
  • Live Vaastu Marriage Problems Live Vaastu Marriage Problems

Relationship Charm | Live Vaastu Marriage Problems

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As per vastu shastra, certain defects in a home, leads to delay in marriage, clashes among husband and wife after marriage, separation and even divorce. Note that “separation” and “divorce” are two different things.

Separation: A couple isn’t living together but they are still married.


Divorce: A couple is legally not a husband and wife anymore and is “legally” separated.

Rooms for Unmarried Girls: Delays and problems in marriage for marriageable girls are dependent on the room occupied by her. The room should not be in the southwest side of the house as this area gives stability. the best areas are north west parts of the house ,if this place is not available then the extreme western side are good.

Room for Unmarried Boys: the best places for the boy should be extreme southern and extreme western sides of the house. If the boy to be married is the eldest and the head of the family then the extreme southwestern sides is the best suited.

Reasons for Delay in Marriage: An underground water tank placed in the southwestern sides of the structures is a big cause in delays for the marriage. Reasons for Divorce and Clashes: Peace in marriage is a prerequisite for happy married life. Check the placement of your bedroom, if placed in the southeastern corners of the house get ready for the chances of clashes. These clashes can lead to the divorces and separation. Southeastern direction has a fire element dominating which causes irritation and anger. Kitchen in the house if not vaastu friendly also cause disagreements among the couple.

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