• Deer Pair Yantra Deer Pair Yantra
  • Deer Pair Yantra Deer Pair Yantra
  • Deer Pair Yantra Deer Pair Yantra

Blessed Live Vaastu Elements | Deer Pair Yantra

(3.5) |

Rs. 1200
Product code: BVE-381
Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla
Net Weight: 236 Grams

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Product Descriptions

Gives Speed and Agility a Brass Deer pair fills you with youthful energy removing stress or lethargyThis remedy works to detoxify your mind of negative thoughts and blocked emotions. It infuses vitality and speed into any sluggish system and has the ability to 'smoothen-out' any serious, or 'tangled-up' situation. This remedy also attracts dedicated people to work with you. You may need the pair of Deer if you lack Speed, energy, team work, you get negative thoughts, you may feel dull, you may feel stuck, you want to get through the plans, place this pair of deer in the north-west of your house or office. Dr Puneet Chawla has energised this deer pair. Note: The Deer pair also encourages people to work and perform better - usually, beyond their expected capabilities.

Product Details

  • Weight
    236 Grams
  • Width
    6.3 Inch
  • Height
    5 Inch
  • Materials

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