• Mangal jyot baati Mangal jyot baati
  • Mangal jyot baati Mangal jyot baati
  • Mangal jyot baati Mangal jyot baati

Spiritual Charm | Mangal jyot baati

In every Indian home, a ‘Mangal jyoti’ is lit in front of the Gods and Goddess every morning and evening which is a testimony that the deities and ancestors of that house would always protect and safeguard the interest of the people residing in it. According to Vastu principles, lighting a jyot everyday in the house removes the presence of evil and negative energies and even purifies the surrounding. Importance of lighting the Mangal jyot baati: purifies the surrounding rids the environment from evil energies and forces removes negativity from around us induces positive thinking in the residents of the house brings in good health, happiness and prosperity for the inmates Dr. Puneet Chawla, an enlightened spiritual guru with complete knowledge of the Vastu shastras, our Puranas and the upanishads, has created special Mangal Jyot Baati which have been infused with special mantras so as to enable them purify the environment around with its unique properties. Lighting this every day in your house can make your life, happy, healthy and successful in every aspect. How to use the Mangal jyot baati? The Mangal jyot baati should be dipped in pure ghee and lit in front of the deities of the temple in the house every day in the morning as well as in the evening.

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