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Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla

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Narmada Shiva Lingams Come from the Narmada River in India. Narmada River is considered to be very sacred. Narmadeshwar Shivlings are very auspicious as they are shaped naturally in the river itself. These Shivlingams are very attractive and glossy. On some of the lingams few symbols are also available.

It is mentioned in the shiva puran that wherever the narmadeshwer shivlingams are kept and worshiped lord shiva blesses that place.

The worship of narmadeshwar shivlingams destroys all kind of anonymities and bring peace in one’s life.

Many planets which are unfavourable comes in favour of the person who worships the lord Shiva Narmadeshwar Shivlingam.

  1. Affected by Satrun/Lord Shani Dev? Life becomes hell if Lord Satrun is not happy with you. Relationships become sour. Big losses happen. The Saturn’s bad effects are reduced by keeping the Narmedashwer Shivlingam. Place it in your mandir on any Saturday and offer til and sarso ka tel.
  2. Affected by Rahu?? Rahu, the cruel planet gets you on your toes. Rahu is always associated with worldly desires and material needs. If Rahu is not pleased with you, life becomes difficult and you are deprived of these. Non Favourable Rahu creates heavy diseases in one’s life. Non Favourable Rahu creates heavy Accidents in one’s life. Non Favourable Rahu creates heavy diseases in one’s life. Then don’t think more. Place an energized Narmadeshwar Shivlingam in your temple
  3. Are you affected with Kalsarp yog? Kalsarp yog in the janam kundli gives many tough problems. Narmadeshwar shivling establishment in your house gets the kal sarp yog eradicated.
  4. Not healthy? Physical and mental problems are removed by worshipping this shivlingam. Financial prosperity follows wherever this Shivlingam is established.

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