• North East Bedroom Box North East Bedroom Box
  • North East Bedroom Box North East Bedroom Box
  • North East Bedroom Box North East Bedroom Box

Vastu Charm | North East Bedroom Box

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Rs. 4500
Product code: VC-408
Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla
Net Weight: 1326 Gram

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The only place where you get solace and peace is in the arms of your beloved one and that too in your private sanctuary which we call as the bedroom- says Dr. Puneet Chawla.

The bedroom is the most private, personal and secluded area of an individual where he tends to relax and rejuvenate after a hard day’s toil. On an average, a person spends one-third of his life in his bedroom. Hence, its location, placement of furniture, colour palette used for the interiors etc. should all abide by Vaastu principles so as to create a positive and relaxing environment for him as well his spouse.

Dr. Chawla, a highly renowned Vastu professional having 24 years of experience in this field, and an enlightened life guru, says the most apt direction for a bedroom is South-west. Having the bedroom in any other direction other than the south-west is sure to pose immense problems on its occupants.

North-east is the direction of lord Shiva, very pious and spiritual and having a bedroom here is like committing a sacrilege. The purity of this direction stands in the fact that this direction should be devoted to our Gods and goddesses and having a bedroom means indulging in all kinds of personal engagements which would mean disrespecting our devotees.

North east is a direction of :

  • • Health, wealth and overall prosperity and hence should be kept open, clean and vacant
  • • It is the face of an individual’s house and therefore should be taken extreme care to maintain it
  • • Being dominated by the water element, a slope leading to the northeast corner indicates prosperity and well being for its inmates.

Bedroom in North-east brings about:

  • • loss of wealth
  • • obstruction in every work
  • • delay in marriage of daughter
  • • parents becomes easily influenced if they tend to occupy the north-east bedroom leading them to lose their identity and say
  • • causes disturbed sleep, restlesssness and insomnia
  • • regular quarrels with the spouse becomes a common factor

The only remedy to rectify the placement of a bedroom in the North east direction is having a North-east bedroom box here. This special box has been created and energised by the very renowned and enlightened life guru Dr. Puneet Chawla who has taken deep efforts in energising it with special powers and condiments so as to make it highly favourable for its users. The bedroom in the north east gives big problems to the inmates. It gives major diseases, illness, conception problems, miscarriages, the birth of handicapped and mentally restarted children etc. but use of this box is sure to solve all your problems and promise a healthy and happy life for you and your family members.

How to use the North-east Bedroom box

  • Place this North east bedroom correction box should be placed at the bedside. It should be exposed to full moon light once in every full moon.

The only mantra for a happy and content life is to follow, create and live in a positive environment which only Vastu promises to you. So adapt to Vastu and see how beautiful life is-Dr. Puneet Chawla.

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Weight: 1326 Gram

Width: 8 CM CM

Height:10 CM CM


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