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  • North East Kitchen Box North East Kitchen Box

Vastu Charm | North East Kitchen Box

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Rs. 4500
Product code: VC-410
Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla
Net Weight: 1326 Gram

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Kitchen is the backbone of any household as it provides us with energy, happiness and contentment, says Dr. Puneet Chawla, an enlightened life guru who can solve all your life problems in no time at all. According to him, North-east on the other hand belongs to Lord Shiva and the ruling planet of this direction is Jupiter which bestows knowledge, wealth and spiritual growth to its worshippers. A kitchen in this extremely sensitive direction which hosts the magnetic energy so strongly can cause major disasters in the lives of the inmates of the house.


North east is a direction of :

• Health, wealth and overall prosperity and hence should be kept open, clean and vacant

• It is the face of an individual’s house and therefore should be taken extreme care to maintain it

• Being dominated by the water element, a slope leading to the northeast corner indicates prosperity and well being for its inmates.

Kitchen in the North east leads to:

• Major illnesses to the occupants

• Conception problems

• Miscarriages

• Birth of handicapped and mentally retarded children.

It is said that the North-east is a direction full of positive energies and a kitchen, which is a place of fire, in this direction burns away all the positive vibrations present therein.

The most effective remedy for rectification of the kitchen being present in the northeast direction in a house is the use of North-East Kitchen box.

This North east kitchen correction box is flooded with high energy crystals, which create very strong energies and correct the vastu defects. It has been especially designed and energised by the great enlightened Guru Dr. Puneet Chawla.

How to use the North-east kitchen correction box

Place it on the north-eastern side of the kitchen gas stove. It should be placed along with the right-hand side of the gas stove.


Dr. Chawla says, life is beautiful and full of energies around us. All we need to do is utilise the right one at the right time and place. Doing so will not only bring happiness and prosperity in your life, but it would also make you a better individual and human being.

What are the Vastu Solution for Kitchen in North-East Direction?


Weight: 1326 Gram

Width: 8 CM CM

Height:10 CM CM


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