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Blessed Live Vaastu Elements | North Kitchen Box

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Rs. 4500
Product code: BVE-409
Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla
Net Weight: 1326 Gram

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Product Descriptions


North is a direction of Lord Kuber. It gives financial strength. If this direction is not used according to Vastu, then automatically the financial issues come up in the life. Kitchen has fire element in dominance if kitchen fire is lit in the North, severe vastu defects arise. 

  • It takes away financial opportunities.
  • It takes away intellect to conduct financial dealings.
  • It gives decline in income.
  • It takes away the job and promotions.
  • It gives steep losses.

The remedy is North kitchen correction box. This box is constituted with appropriate rare and energized crystals. This is a Dr. Chawla certified remedy.

Place this box on the right-hand side of the Gas stove. For best results keep it twice a month in the full moon. 

What are the Remedies for Vastu Defects in the kitchen? (Part 2)Vaastu Tips


Product Details

  • Weight
    1326 Gram
  • Width
    8 CM
  • Height
    10 CM
  • Materials

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