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Vastu Charm | North Kitchen Box

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Rs. 4500
Product code: VC-409
Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla
Net Weight: 1326 Gram

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The stepping stone to success is to keep your North direction favourable, says Dr. Puneet Chawla, a highly renowned and enlightened life guru. Although every direction has its pros and cons, North direction helps you capitalise on its positives and yield maximum benefits for you.

Being owned by Lord Kuber, the giver of Wealth and Prospertiy, this direction is also referred to as the wealth and career direction. It is ruled by the planet Budh (Mercury). Being a storehouse of positive vibrations, Dr. Chawla says that a kitchen in this direction ruins and burns all positive vibrations present herein, leading to heavy looses and debt.

North is the direction for:

  • • Positive energy from the North Pole
  • • Underground water tank which can boost the family income tremendously
  • • Mirrors which reflect and double the positive energies of this direction
  • • Prosperity and wealth which comes with open, clutter-free and clean north direction
  • • Lord Kuber resides here and hence gives financial strength to the residents.

Problems of having kitchen in the north

  • • Burns away opportunities for growth and success
  • • The kitchen fire lit up in the north direction causes major Vastu defects leading to heavy losses in business
  • • It takes away financial opportunities.
  • • It takes away intellect to conduct financial dealings.
  • • It gives decline in income.
  • • It takes away the job and promotions.
  • • It gives steep losses.

Dr Chawla says the best remedy to handle defects of having a kitchen on the north is by possessing and placing the North kitchen correction box. This box is constituted with appropriate rare and energized crystals by Dr. Chawla himself. And hence this is known popularly as Dr. Chawla certified remedy.

How to use the North Kitchen correction box

  • For best results, place this box on the right-hand side of the Gas stove. For best results keep it
  • under the full moon twice in a month. 

Dr. Chawla affirms Vastu is a tool to carve a better future for you and your family and the North direction is the anchor. Only if this anchor is used properly will you get the desired results in life and all your dreams will come true in quick succession.

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Weight: 1326 Gram

Width: 8 CM CM

Height:10 CM CM


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