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Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla

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We are made up of energies, surrounded by energies and supported by energies in our everyday living process, says Dr. Puneet Chawla. Our very own enlightened life guru Dr. Puneet Chawla is a Vastu expert with a professional knowledge of over 24 years. His experience is worth capitalising on and hence according to him Vastu is a medium by which we can improve the quality of our lives. He further stresses that North west direction as per Vastu is owned by Vayudev, the Lord Wind and hence this direction is a propeller for great opportunities relating to career and success of an individual, if used in the right manner. Contrarily, if not abided by Vaastu principles, this direction can put one’s career and future prospects to the doldrums and ruin everything. The ruling planet of this direction is Chand (moon). Kitchen in the North-west corner can burn all opportunities and bring about instability, cause diseases and create restlessness for the residents of the building.

North-west is the direction for:

1. Stability in business

2. Success in overall prosperity and growth

3. Better opportunities for the higher education of children.

4. A happy and well settled married life

Kitchen in the north-west would:

• burn all opportunities for growth and prosperity of the individual

• lead to mental stress and depression

• ruin favourable options for better higher education of children

• spoil deals in business

• stops business deals even at the last stage of conversions

Dr. Chawla, with his experienced knowledge, helps us in identifying these problems which are caused due to the placement of a kitchen in the north-west direction. He has created a special North West correction kitchen box which has been energised with semi-precious crystals and infused with sacred energies which are capable of identifying and erasing the negative energies present within a kitchen in the north-west direction and also professing them into positive vibrations which start working in favour of the inmates of the house.

How to use the North-west Kitchen correction box:

The north-west kitchen box needs to be placed in the north-west direction of the kitchen, in a clean area and it should be kept under the full moon every month to re-energies and re0activate its hidden energies.

Dr. Chawla affirms that life is beautiful if we live it beautifully, and the only mantra to live it beautifully is to adhere to Vastu principles through proper rectification measures which are very simple and easy to follow in one’s daily lives.


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