• Puja Supari ( 21 Piece ) Puja Supari ( 21 Piece )
  • Puja Supari ( 21 Piece ) Puja Supari ( 21 Piece )

Spiritual Charm | Puja Supari ( 21 Piece )

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Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla

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Product Descriptions

Supari or Areca nut is considered very Holy in Hindu offerings. It’s hardness implies hardship, strength and positivity of human life. It is considered very pure and can represent many gods like Ganesha, Indra, surya etc. It is said that if one does not have an idol at home, supari can be worshiped instead.

Benefits of supari 

  • It is kept at the base of the Havan kund.

  • Supari substitutes the idols of any god.

  • Supari offered to god represents all hard feelings surrendered To god. It is believed that the deity softens his blessings.

  • It is an important element in Navgraha puja.

  • In Maharashtra, if the wife of the devotee is not present, supari rapped in a fresh cloth can represent her.

  • In Bengal it is believed that, a person can see his future if he puts a supari under his pillow.

  • During any sacred ritual, be it puja or marriage supari is tied in pandals.

  • It is used to worship new kitchen appliances as it is considered holy.

  • It is given to the bridegrooms during the ceremony of marriage. 

In the northwestern parts of India, milk and cooked rice is offered to the village deity, when planting an Areca tree. It is called Deonar puja. Dr. Puneet Chawla, the enlightened life Guru, further purifies these nuts with his holy mantras, thereby increasing the positivity of the supari many folds. It is a natural product and a pack of 50 grams consists of 21 pieces of supari or betel nut. 

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