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Spiritual Charm | Pure Guggul

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Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla

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Product Descriptions

Commiphora Mukul commonly known as Guggul is considered an eminent herb in India, middle east and china. Since ancient times it has been used to treat bronchitis, wounds and digestive dilemmas. The resin of the plant is used in spiritual rituals in India. The gum extracts of the guggul plant is used in ayurvedic and unani medications.

Benefits of guggul

  1. Guggul is used in everyday household, its dense fragrances is said to eliminate evil. ?
  2. it is also known to enhance good health. ?
  3. when used as lotion, guggul relieves inactive ulcers. ?
  4. gargling with guggul helps relieve tonsils, sore throat and even pharyngitis. ?
  5. Cholesterol, thyroids, obesity, arthritis and painful menstruations are relieved by guggul. ?
  6. It also acts as as uterine stimulant.

                    ?Under Dr. Chawla’s supervision, the products are made with one hundred percent natural and vegetarian ingredients. Products undergo quality check at different levels. Dr. Chawla has great knowledge in ayurvedic methods and abides by them.

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