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Home and Decor

Rangoli Colors

Product code: HD-340

Product type: Natural/Made

Energized by: Dr. Puneet Chawla

Marketed by: Live Vaastu Private Limited Faridabad 121001 Haryana.

Rs. 440

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Product Description

Rangoli is a native of Indian culture and is used in every festive occasion to decorate one’s house. These colors spread positive vibrations within the environment and make to lively and entertaining from otherwise being dull and boring. Dr. Puneet Chawla who is a great Vastupioneer and is blessed with special intuitive qualities suggests that decorating the house with special Rangoli colors especially during festivals and occasions brings about brightness, welcomed Maalakshmi and even induces money in flow into the house where it is used. He has come up with special non-toxic Rangoli colors which have been energized with special Vastu mantras to drive away all negative vibrations from within any given environment where it is used. The special features and advantages of these Rangoli colors are:

• They are made out of 100% natural ingredients

• They are non-toxic

• They can be used for every festive occasion

• They welcome and please Maa Lakshmi

• They are good for money in flow as well

Rangoli colors not only add a tinge of color to the surrounding atmosphere bit also spread happiness, tranquility and peace of mind. It unites the family members who rejoice together with these in a festive mood. Order these today and take a step ahead to build happy, healthy and strong bonding among the various relationships which exist within your home.

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