• Shree Shani Yantram Shree Shani Yantram
  • Shree Shani Yantram Shree Shani Yantram
  • Shree Shani Yantram Shree Shani Yantram

Spiritual Charm | Shree Shani Yantram

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Product code: PD-465
Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla

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Product Descriptions

Shani Yantra is the Yantra of Lord Shani who is perceived to be the most aggressive deity due to which human fear of him while he is the most benevolent Lord at the core and does everything for the good of humankind as its only Shani Dev who could take the person at the highest mount or could make him stand at the lowest stand. Besides this, it is also the Yantra of planet Saturn which is ruled by the Lord Shani only. On the other part, having ill-placed or afflicted Saturn or Saturn in the horoscope chart could appear as the worst thing to have as it would even not let the good things of the one stay good while if you have it placed well, it could bring you many good things in life. The predicament here is that it very rare that even a well placed Saturn would bestow only positive shades as it would come along some bad one’s too as including aggression, harshness and snobbish attitude at times.

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