• Shree Shani Yantra Shree Shani Yantra
  • Shree Shani Yantra Shree Shani Yantra
  • Shree Shani Yantra Shree Shani Yantra

Spiritual Charm | Shree Shani Yantra

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Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla

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Product Descriptions

Shani is one of the most significant deities in hinduism. shani or planet saturn is the seventh planet in the planetary system. according to the  puanas, shani is depicted as a strong and fierce male deity who carries a sword or other weapon and is seen sitting on a crow.

shani dev is often feared and is believed to create obstacles in an individuals life during the phase of sade sati, but that is not true. lord shani is known as the lord of justice. thus, during sade sati lord shani is said to deliver us with the fruits of our past and present karma. according to the ancient scriptures. he is often referred as the pitiless god, who rules the planet saturn. he is believed to be the elder brother of lord yama, the god of death. both lord shani and lord yama show correct path and teach lessons of righteousness to all the living enitities.


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