• Shri Panch Mukhi Hanuman Shri Panch Mukhi Hanuman
  • Shri Panch Mukhi Hanuman Shri Panch Mukhi Hanuman
  • Shri Panch Mukhi Hanuman Shri Panch Mukhi Hanuman

Spiritual Charm | Shri Panch Mukhi Hanuman

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Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla

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Product Descriptions

Shri Panch Mukhi Hanuman 

Shri Panchmukhi Hanuman ji is one of the most popular Hindu god. He is famous for removing all kind of fear and problems from ones life.

Lord Hanuman gives all sorts of security to the worshipers! Booth pisach nikt nahi avae Mahavir jab naam sunave. This is suitable in the present world where lot of man made issues work like evil energies.

I had personally seen all troubles going vanish. 

I must tell you every Face of Shri Panchamukha Hanuman ji has importance. In the Panch Mukhi Idol there five faces let’s describe the importance of every face.

  • The East face of Lord grants purity of mind and success.
  • The Narasimha face of Lord Hanuman faces South. He grants victory and fearlessness. It gives power to win all enemies including the ego and kaam feelings.
  • The Garuda face towards the west removes black magic and all sort poisons including the jealousy and conspiracies.
  • The Varaha face towards the north showers prosperity, wealth and all sorts of luxuries in ones life.
  • The Hayagriva mukha of Lord Hanuman faces the Sky. We cannot see this face . Hayagriva roopa gives knowledge and intuition.

This indicates that Lord Hanuman protects us from five major directions ie., North , south, east, west and space.

Especially South and South east facing houses should definitely place the Lords picture or Idol on the main door of there house or office.

How to use:-

  • One can place the panch mukhi hanuman ji in the temple. It can be placed with a panchoupchar puja.
  • One can also install the figure on the south facing door to remove its vastu doshs, one can also place it in south east facing houses too.


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