• Shubh Deepak Baati Shubh Deepak Baati
  • Shubh Deepak Baati Shubh Deepak Baati
  • Shubh Deepak Baati Shubh Deepak Baati

Spiritual Charm | Shubh Deepak Baati

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Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla

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Product Descriptions

‘Shubh’ means auspicious. So, when we talk about ‘Shubh Deepak baati’ it is supposed to bring positivity and good luck for the people who light it everyday within their homes. Every individual, belonging to whatever religion, always wants good luck and happiness to reside in their lives, however, wanting something and having something needs to be bridged with our efforts towards positive thinking and with positive actions.

In today’s world, we are all surrounded by immersion pressures and tensions from different walks of life. As per our enlightened spiritual guru and a great Vastu consultant Dr. Puneet Chawla, our thoughts and actions are governed by the energies which reside around us and with us in our day to day living. In order to get positivity around you one needs to abide by certain rules which Vastu lays down so that we do not have negative vibrations around us. This can be achieved by a very simple process of just lighting a ‘Shubk Deepak baati’ energised and formulated by Dr. Chawla, everyday twice in the house.

What is the ‘Shubh Deepak baati and how does it help?

The Shubh Deepak baati has been made by Dr. Chawla himself by energizing it with special mantras which suck up the negativity from around the area where it is lit. Lighting this everyday in the house removes the presence of evil and negative energies and even purifies the surrounding.

Importance of lighting the Shubg Deepak baati:

  • purifies the surrounding
  • rids the environment from evil energies and forces
  • removes negativity from around us
  • induces positive thinking in the residents of the house
  • brings in good health, happiness and prosperity for the inmates

Dr. Puneet Chawla, an enlightened spiritual guru with complete knowledge of the Vastu shastras, our Puranas and the upanishads, has created this special Shubh Deepak baati which has been infused with special mantras so as to enable them purify the environment around with its unique properties. Lighting this every day in your house can make your life, happy, healthy and successful in every aspect.

How to use the Shubh Deepak baati?

Soak the Shubh Deepak baati in pure ghee and light it in the temple of the house or anywhere in the north-east direction twice everyday, once in the morning and once in the evening during sunset. Try this for a month and see how life takes a u-turn towards happiness, success and prosperity for you and your near and dear ones. 

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