• Singham Lakshmi Kaudi Singham Lakshmi Kaudi
  • Singham Lakshmi Kaudi Singham Lakshmi Kaudi
  • Singham Lakshmi Kaudi Singham Lakshmi Kaudi

Blessed Live Vaastu Elements | Singham Lakshmi Kaudi

(3.2) |

Rs. 1500
Product code: BVE-45
Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla
Net Weight: 100 GM

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Product Descriptions

Singham Lakshmi Kaudi

A lion is called a 'king of animals ' this may be obviously for a reason. Yes because what ever lion do , he does with confidence. Dr. Puneet chawla

Mother nature gives us plenty of elements, and some of them are very raver. This element is a conch, which resembles the tiger skin. It is very rarely available.

Why you need this element?

This precious kaudi gives respect to your earned money. Your relatives feel proud on your earnings.

  1. Your earned money is not wasted in medicens and surgeries.
  2. Your earned money is not lost in bad debts.
  3. Money earned is safe with you and gives many folds returns.

 Dr. Puneet Chawla energizes all the vaastu elements in a very distinct manner. Some of the elements are energized in a very auspicious time too.

 How to use?

  1. Place the kauri in yellow cloth in your home temple.
  2. It can be placed in the cash locker of your home or office and shop.

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  • Weight
    100 GM
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