• South east balance string (Agni disha) South east balance string (Agni disha)
  • South east balance string (Agni disha) South east balance string (Agni disha)
  • South east balance string (Agni disha) South east balance string (Agni disha)

Blessed Live Vaastu Elements | South east balance string (Agni disha)

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Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla

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Southeast is a direction which is dominated by the lord agnidev that is lord of fire. If this direction is having defects of vaastu the agni element in the building can disturb our life. The main five elements govern our life. The water element and fire element if not balanced in the building structure can create vaastu defects. Both the elements are anti elements for each other.

One remedy for all southeast vaastu defects

Fire is potent; it is so powerful that it can do any thing that is construction or destruction. Cooking food in kitchen, digesting food in our body, molding the steel, polishing the fire, destroying the human body and destroying anything if left to the fire.

  1. Fire can destroy the peace.
  2. Fire can destroy the respect name and fame.
  3. Fire can destroy the health.

What is Agni Disha Rakhsa String?

A Certain number of crystals, which are good for pleasing Southeast direction. This string gives the peaceful energies and perfects the southeast direction according to vaastu.

How to use?

  1. This string can be placed in the wrongly made kitchen.
  2. This string can be hanged in the southeast direction.(Toilet, water source, cut and expansion in southeast)
  3. If you have a bedroom in the southeast hang the string in the southeast of bedroom.

Dr. Puneet Chawla personally energizes this string. Also keep the southeast direction yantra this string for more good results.

Which Remedy Correct Southeast Vastu Defects? Vastu Remedy Agni Disha Raksha String


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