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Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla

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Product Descriptions

Tilak is applied at the point between the eyebrows, where we have our third eye or ajna chakra. It is also known as the mind's eye. Tilak is applied for different reasons.
When we talk about the south protection tilak, it is basically to protect the ill effects of the south direction as per Vastu norms. Now the question is why should only the south direction be protected? Let us know. 
There are great misconceptions in the minds of people regarding the South direction. The South has always been considered as a problematic direction in terms of Vaastu but actually it is not true. It is ruled by the planet Mangal (Mars) The south is, truly speaking, the storehouse for the energies that emanate from the north and hence there should be no openings in this area. Only because this direction is owned by Lord Yama, the God of death, it has created a fear in the minds of people. However, it can be made prosperous with effective Vastu solutions.
Many a times, in an already constructed house, it is not possible to bring about favourable changes in the south direction. In order to nullify the evil effects of the south direction due to non-compliance with Vastu principles, Dr. Puneet Chawla, a highly renowned and eminent Vastu consultant and an enlightened spiritual guru, has created this unique South protection tilak.

Advantages of the South protection tilak

  • Polishes your destiny, luck and life.
  • identifies the personality of your house and office.
  • makes you get recognition in life.
  • makes you feel as an achiever.
  • nullifies the evil effects of the south direction and makes it favourable for you and your family 

How to use the South protection tilak?
Tilak the South of your house every day with the South protection tilak. This Tialkam is highly powerful. This is a very fine research by Dr Puneet Chawla. It has been blessed with the powerful meditation on the auspicious days. This Tilakam is blessed with Lord Yama’s energy.
Simply apply it mixing with the fresh milk on the forehead of your south facing door. 

Vastu Shastra says no direction is bad. It should be put to proper use with careful designing by following the right Vastu principles in order to make it prosperous for the occupants. Each direction has its positives as well as negativities. We should be able to nullify its negative effects and capitalize on its positivity in order to make it conducive for dwelling. Similar is the case with south facing homes. 


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