Blessed Live Vaastu Elements | SOUTH-WEST KITCHEN BOX

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Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla
Net Weight: 1326 Gram

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  • • health,
    • wealth,
    • confidence,
    • name and fame for its residents.

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Product Descriptions

 ‘Opportunities and good times knock once in life but bad times keep knocking till you open the door. So to keep bad times away open doors to new opportunities by following the principles of Vastu which I advice every disciple of mine to follow’- says Dr. Puneet Chawla, our very own enlightened life guru with over 24 years of experience n the field of vastu shastra.

The South-west direction is owned by a demon called Niriti while the ruling planet is Rahu. The magnetic energies flowing in from the North-east are stored in this direction and hence it is considered to be the strongest point of a plot. Dr. Chawla says a kitchen here would burn these positive energies and ruin every opportunity which happens to turn your life into positivity and success.

The South-west direction, if used favourably, can ensure

  • • health,
  • • wealth,
  • • confidence,
  • • name and fame for its residents.

A kitchen in the south west would:

  • • bring about major losses,
  • • cause depression,
  • • anxiety and suicidal feelings
  • • invite problems at the workplace,
  • • create conflicts amongst married couples leading to divorce
  • • problems in conception and birth of a child

However, at times it becomes extremely difficult to avoid having a kitchen in the south-west direction due to various other supporting factors. In that case Dr. Chawla has invented a special South-west kitchen box which has been energised and infused with special crystals and energies that can rectify the wrong and convert the negative vibrations of that place into positive ones, making them favourable for the inmates.

How to use the South-east kitchen box

The south-west kitchen box comes infused with special and unique crystals and energies and hence it simply has to be placed in the south-west direction in the kitchen. However, it should be placed under the full moon every month so as to reenergise it from time to time.

Dr. Chawla confirms that the use of this specially designed kitchen box can induce positive results for the residents of the house and make their lives flourishing, relaxing, prosperous and tension-free.

Weight: 1326 Gram

Width: 8 CM CM

Height:10CM CM


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