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Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla

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Dr. Puneet Chawla says we are surrounded by positive as well as negative energies. Our body is comprised of Five Elements, also known as the Panch Mahabhoot Tatvas, namely Fire, Water, Air, Space and Earth. The energies surrounding us, present in our environment, needs to be harmonized with the five elements of nature present both within and outside our body so as to make life worth living. In a nutshell, we can enjoy the benefits of a healthy mind, body and soul in a peaceful environment only when we strike a balance with nature and its properties.

The South-west direction is owned by a demon called Niriti while the ruling planet is Rahu. The magnetic energies flowing in from the North-east are stored in this direction and hence it is considered to be the strongest point of a plot. This direction, if used favourably, can ensure health, wealth, confidence, name and fame for its residents.

A toilet in this direction would bring about disastrous implications on the inmates of the house, thereby ruining their happiness and prosperity in every manner.

Demerits of a toilet in the south-west:

• Brings about major losses in business

• Causes anxiety, depression and suicidal feelings within the occupants of the house

• Creates lots of problems at the work place

• Hampers health in more ways than one

• Reputation and fame of the occupants get hampered

• All important decisions of life get delayed

• There is a sudden increase in the expenditure of the house due to various health issues cropping up

What is the South west Toilet box?

It is not always practical to relocate the toilet of the house as per Vastu norms due to various unavoidable factors. Yet it is not even advisable to live in a non Vastu compliant premises. In order to solve this confusion, Dr. Chawla used his unique knowledge and intuitiveness to create the special South-west toilet box which contains extraordinary crystals which have the inherent property of sucking up the negative energy present in a south-west direction toilet.

Advantages of a South-west toilet box:

• Brings in luck, name and fame

• Improves finances and cash in flow

• Promises good health and stability

• Brings in peace and happiness within the family.

How to use the south-west toilet box?

The South West Toilet Box should be kept in the south-west direction in the toilet and should be energised with special mantras as advised by Dr. Chawla. Also, every month on a full moon night it should be ket under the open sky so that its crystals get re-energised and reinvoked.

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